HDFS 2301

You have learned about multiple theories of family development this week including Family Systems Theory, Bio-Ecological Theory, Family Developmental Theory, Social Exchange Theory, & Family Stress Theory. 
Read Box 8.1 “Family Case Studies for Different Stages of the Life Cycle” on pg 185-186 of your book. Choose the family whose name matches your favorite color (for example, I would choose the Teal & Blue Family because my favorite color is blue). Thinking of the family you chose, answer the following in a discussion post: 

Which family did you choose?
All of the theories can help explain each family’s interactions, but I want you to pick the one that you think best explains the case study you selected.  Which theory do you think best explains the family you chose?
Explain why the theory you selected helps you understand the family.
Give at least two examples of how the theory explains the case study you selected. 

Your post should be at least 400 words and include all of the information outlined above.