Hello Class, Parent educator Hamad Sarraf was hired by a Head Start

Hello Class,
Parent educator Hamad Sarraf was hired by a Head Start program to promote resources that supports a family’s basic needs after completing his BSW degree (Langer & Lietz, 2014). According to the text, CBT affects all components of the process and addresses psychological distress. Two CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) strategies are critical for Sarraf as he leads the parenting group by modeling interaction with the clients to change their thought processes. Hamad also behaved in a way that was different from the client’s past experiences. Another CBT strategy that is critical is evaluation because he kept physically acknowledging the parent’s emotions and gestures to better analyze how they feel. In turn, the client reinforced the cognitive restructuring, shaping, and was encouraged to participate.
In addition, there are two CSWE competencies that are also critical for Sarraf as he leads which include engaging and assessing the diversity of experiences. The core competency of being knowledgeable also resonates with Hamad’s experience. Having the ability to engage with different is essential to building individual relationships and planning individualized resources to support the different experiences and needs (Langer & Lietz, 2014).
Ariana Cameron
Langer, C. L., & Lietz, C. (2014). Applying theory to generalist social work practice. John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated.