Hello there, I need some with this very fun BIT 270 (Website Management) activities please

NOTE: I NEED SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE WORKING ON WORDPRESS. I WILL, OF COURSE, PROVIDE YOU WITH MY WORDPRESS ACCOUNT AND ANY OTHER AID YOU MIGHT HELP IN ORDER TO FULLY AND CORRECTLY COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES. I WILL ALSO PROVIDE YOU WITH ABSOLUTELY EVERY INFO YOU NEED ABOUT MYSELF IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THESE ACTIVITIES.Firstly,About Me Wire FrameCreate a wire frame for your About Me site. You may use any application or tool that you would like for the wire frame project. Please submit the file for grading. – MUST INCLUDE 4 PAGES – MUST INCLUDE NAVIGATION LAYOUT Good tools to use for wire frames – Word – Powerpoint – Balsamiq for Desktop – Fast, Powerful, Offline Wireframing | Balsamiq (Links to an external site.) – WireframeApp.io Secondly,About Me Website – Using WordPressAs a carry-on and continue work from part 1 and building your wire frame, your second submission must contain minimum 4 maximum 10 pages website with a menu, text, images, table, etc. Your website must be tested in different browsers and must be responsive design. In this submission, you must: Create a website in WORDPRESS containing at least 4 pages Include the following elements:Theme Header