Hip Hop, Social Dance and Commercial Mediums

Hip Hop, Social Dance and Commercial Mediums Short Response Paper (due THURSDAY SEPT 16TH, Week 4):
Looking at commercial films like Save the Last Dance, Breakin and Breakin 2, we see a strong sense of cultural values related to the Hip Hop Dance umbrella and its beginnings within the African American and Latino communities. We can also see a through line between the social dances of the 80s, 90s and 2000s, where hip-hop began to infiltrate popular culture via music video, TV show and Youtube formats. Please write a short 2-3 paged response, briefly explaining the history of hip hop and its connections to popular culture. Why do you think that hip hop has become the most popular form of dance? What changes once hip hop goes commercial? Things to consider are setting, method of learning, movement aesthetics, economics, etc. You may also reference any video links viewed thus far within the course, to explain how the dance transfers to a highly commercialized medium. The paper should be written in MLA format and must include at least three credible sources as well as an MLA formatted bibliography.*