Holistic Medicine Joanne Jean Baptiste Critical Thinking Todd Buck The purpose of

Holistic Medicine
Joanne Jean Baptiste
Critical Thinking
Todd Buck
The purpose of holistic medicine is to serve the whole individual, body, mind, soul, and emotions in the pursuit of positive wellbeing and health. The practice of holistic medicine, in my opinion, is superior to the practice of western medicine. Holistic medicine focuses on bio-individual nutrition and lifestyle interventions, mental health support, social relationships, and environmental health in the prevention and treatment of health conditions.(Margaux Thieme,2021). There have been various arguments for and against holistic medicine in society. Several issues have been raised regarding overmedication in the community. The practice of doctors prescribing medication too quickly has become a significant problem. The global crisis in antibiotic-resistant bacteria indicates that most physicians bow to pressure from patients and prescriptions (Søren Ventegodt, 2019). The best treatments are doing nothing and letting the body heal independently. The treatment will not be classified as alternative medicine if there is evidence that it is effective. Argumentatively, if exposed to severe, precise clinical experiments, the remedies and healing become unsuccessful in bringing actual outcomes. Individuals believe that it is a traditional form and needs further research to be taken into action. An individual’s exact treatment plan will be based on a holistic specialty in holistic medicine.
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