Homeland Security Final Paper

You will need to do research to provide complete responses. Be sure to include a page that lists your references. Individual Project Papers should be word-processed in Microsoft Word Document, double spaced using 12 point (none bold) Times New Roman font, pages numbered, and structured in accordance with the APA format. The final project is designed to measure your knowledge of the future of homeland security in four specific areas. It is a series of short essays (300 to 600 words each) using text citations and APA format from readings in the course to sustain your claims. Reference Page is the last page of the paper. If unsure how to format Reference Page in APAv6 go to YouTube and Search for APAv6 Reference Page and watch a video or two on formatting References. 1. This course introduces the notion of a trend. Pursue some texts, on quantitative analysis, and define this term. Based on your findings, write an essay that highlights the saliency of trends with respect to speculating future events that may occur through time. Within your essay, tailor your discussion toward applications of homeland security. 2. The world is constantly changing and is never static for very long. Do some research regarding the Arab Spring that occurred within recent years. How do you believe changes in the Middle East will affect US policy in due time? 3 China is an emerging power. Given its expenditures toward military modernization coupled with the historic frictions of the Asia-Pacific region , how do you believe the balance of power will change in time as China becomes stronger? What implications are there for US policy and security? Write an essay that substantiates your opinions. 4. Technology changes and advances quickly through time. Based on the discussions In the textbook and any outside references you choose, what emerging technologies do you believe will have a strong impact upon the application of homeland security practices? Write an essay that substantiates your opinion. Each essay should be a minimum of about 2 pages in length. Remember critical thinking is the goal.