Hospitality and Tourism Management

Critically apply a model for analyzing sustainable competitive advantage to a case study in a liberalized market in the travel sector, e.g. European scheduled airlines. This case study, selected by you, will be used as empirical evidence to be discussed in the form of a report. Assignment Background The skies of Europe have been fully deregulated for over 15 years.

The full abolition of restrictive Air Service Agreements has encouraged competition on scheduled routes, many of which were previously operated by national flag carriers to the exclusion of new entrants Initially at least, deregulation lowered the barriers to market entry, allowing new players to enter the field, including small airlines competing with much larger and more established ones. The assignment brief asks you to consider whether this is still possible today with reference to the concept of Sustainable Competitive Advantage and in particular Porter’s ‘Five Forces’ model which you will apply to one route that you will choose as your case study

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