How do the recent wildfires in the us impact health?

Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, MLA formatFor the remainder of the semester, you will be developing and completing a research project on a topic that corresponds with the course theme (identity). This project will have several components including the Source Analysis (Essay III), Research Essay (Essay IV), and presentation. For this assignment, the Source Analysis essay, I will assess your ability to choose, read, and evaluate appropriate sources on a narrowed topic. You will also improve your ability to use the internet and the library’s resources to locate non-academic secondary sources that are rich and credible.Let’s make our first attempt at formulating a research question. You can always rethink and potentially revise the question you develop here. To do this, take the topic or issue you have identified, and ask the following of each of those issues. Your goal at this time should be to find a starting point for inquiry that comes from your interests and concerns.What makes this an issue that deserves careful attention from many people? Who is impacted by your topic? Where do you see this issue operating or existing? Who would be interested in learning more about this issue? How long has this issue been in existence? How is your life or the life of others impacted by this issue?