Howard, Kassim, Rhymes, and Williams 1 C’Nya Howard, Faiza Kassim, Alton Rhymes,

Howard, Kassim, Rhymes, and Williams 1
C’Nya Howard, Faiza Kassim, Alton Rhymes, and Damarria Williams
Mrs. Brzustowicz
PBL Project Proposal
12 November 2021
For our PBL Project, we are trying to figure out why people judge others by their race in America. We were inspired by this topic because we noticed how people are intimidated by their race in the United States. We already know that racism is a belief that humans may be divided into separate and exclusive biological entities. We need to learn more about racism so we can find a way to shut it down for good. No matter the age, as a colored person, you’d be lucky enough to never have to deal with any racist interactions.
There are multiple videos of black people having to deal with racist white people. Usually, it ends up with the cops showing up and the incident going on the news. George Floyd is a big example of this. When this event happened, an uproar in the black community took place. Pep rallies and protests were taking place in multiple areas. Even though George Floyed got justice, it still took a while for the cops to be charged and thrown in jail.
In this PBL project, we will be talking about what we can do better and the events that happened recently and in the past. Overall, colored people need to be treated better. It isn’t just black people though, asian people get hate as well just for being asian. Asians are also being targeted for racisms and this is what we’re going to inform you about.
Why are people constantly getting hated on by their race, skin, culture, or even ethnicity?
Why do people feel the need to bring others down to feel better about themselves?
How can we make people be more confident about their skin completion?
Why are there more minorities in jail for crimes they didn’t commit than whites?
Why does one race think they’re more superior than the other?
Why are so many minorities being killed for the exact same thing whites do and get off free for? (Herbert Richerdson)
Why are colored people more targeted than whites?
How can we make colored people feel more comfortable within their body?
How can we enforce the safety of colored people out in public?
How can we make the world a better place instead of the world acting like we’re back in the olden days?
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Why are people constantly getting hated on by their race, skin, culture or even ethnicity?Many people these days hate others for reasons such as another’s race, skin, culture, or ethnicity. For example, since 1619, whites have hated blacks simply for being black. That is their only reason. They see blacks as uneducated, therefore, less superior to them. They enslaved blacks from Africa to do hard work for free. Slavery did end 1865, but unfortemly racial discrimination did not. To this day, blacks everywhere receive discrimanation from everyone simply because of the color of their skin. There have been schools created just for black kids with out of date education to keep them uneducated, the separated everything for blacks from water fountains, to holy buildings, to to education. It got so bad that in 1865, a group of white suprimist, founded a hate organization Called the Ku Klux Klan, also known as the KKK. The KKK rapidly grew with many Black hating terrorist who would do anything to completly whip out Blacks. They are still highly active in many states in the United states such as Alabama, California, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansaw, Colorado, Delaware, and many more. Recently, They would hold counter rallies against the “Black Lives Matter” movement, they called it “White Lives Matter”. They would also go to BLM rallies to attack protesters. A recent case of a white supremacist (not a kkk member) attacking protest, Kyle Rittenhouse vs. Wisconsin. Kyle was being charged with the death of two unarmed protesters that he killed, and the one unarmed protester he injured. White Supremacist all over the United States was on his side and damade an apology from everyone who said he was in the wrong. Everyone refuses to apologize because he was, indeed, in the wrong. He brung a loaded gun to a peaceful protest and killed unarmed people who did nothing to him.