I need some one to write my discussion post For RTV 3511 and to reply to one of my peers discussion post

Discussion Post #10 Throughout the semester, we’ve learned about the stages of the production process: pre-production, production and, to a lesser extent, post production. I’d like you to discuss, which phase of the process you find the most interesting, and if you were to do a job in that phase, what would you want to do. Step 1: Identify the stage of the production process that interests you the most. Describe what aspects of that stage you think are interesting. Step 2: Identify a job/position associated with that production stage and describe what aspects of that job are most interesting to you. Step 3: Use that job title to search for a job advertisement/listing for that kind of position and list three qualifications that are listed for that position. Include a link to the job posting as well. Step 4: Post your descriptions and job listing link . Step 5: Reply to a classmate and Feel free to discuss similarities and/or differences between jobs and qualifications, etc.