IASP 340 Project 5 Fall 2021 100 points total Due Date :

IASP 340 Project 5
Fall 2021
100 points total
Due Date : Tues Dec 14th, 11:59PM
You are asked to conduct an IT audit for a company. Here is the information that you are provided to conduct your audit.
The company has a mix of Windows and Linux desktop computers. The network contains an external firewall to protect to the DMZ and an internal firewall to protect the Windows and Linux computers.
The company’s password policy requires a minimum of 6 characters. Passwords are not required to be changed.
When an employee leaves the company, it is found that user accounts are not deleted.
The company stores its business data on local servers and there are no backups of the company’s business data
The company’s external firewall allows inbound connections on ports 22, 23, 80, and 443.
Write an audit report that addresses the following questions. Be sure to describe your conclusions and recommendations in detail. Your report should be a minimum of 3 pages and maximum of 6 pages.
What is the audit universe?
What log files would you want to collect? What will you be looking for in the log files and why?
Conduct a risk assessment. Describe your findings based on the details above.
Discuss your recommendations to address any of your findings.