Identify new challenges within transportation, logistics management, supply chain management and develop viable solutions to these challenges.

submit your proposed Problem Statement for your research paper as well as an outline.The Outline will consist of 4-5 pages. The Title Page and Reference Page are not included in the page count. The paper/outline describes your final research project. Each major section within your final project should be covered in this paper. The Project Outline must be in narrative form, and be descriptive enough that explains each element of your project. The use of graphics and charts is highly encouraged.The Final Research Project will be 20-25 pages and due in week 8. The project must include a title page, table of contents, abstract, and a reference page. The project will demonstrate the knowledge acquired through course work completed to date. The project is an application of this knowledge and requires the student to analyze and interpret the topic of interest. The use of graphics and charts is highly encouraged.This report must be original work. This report cannot include papers submitted in previous courses.Organization should be as follows:APA cover pageAbstract (1/2- 1 page)2. Introduction to the topic, problem or thesis statement3. Literature Review Background Research on the topic4. Discussion of your ideas on the topic and problem5. Discussion of new solution(s) to the problem6. Conclusion