Ideologies and violence during the 19th century

discussion of how the gradual rise of liberal, democratic states in parts of Europe, and the resistance to that trend in other parts, was shaped by the ideologies born of the French and Industrial Revolutions. The violence that erupted in the nineteenth century following the Napoleonic Wars, limited as it was, was very often regulated or shaped by the ideologies of conservatism, liberalism, nationalism, and socialism.

Answer the following questions:
How did the French Revolution spur the development of nationalism on the continent? How did the French and Industrial Revolutions foster the new ideologies of liberalism, socialism and conservatism? In what ways did these ideologies contribute to containing or fostering violence during the nineteenth century?

Write in an essay format, when citing use Chicago style but no need for a works cited page, the first link will take you to a lecture on nationalism, you can first skim and use what you need and then find more information based on the findings in the slides. The second link I’m not sure will work for you but if it does then it will bring you to a history textbook which you can use as well. If you use outside sources make sure they are credible primary or secondary sources. But for the most part, just answering the questions is what is needed.