If we want to send data 1110, that is d1=1, d2=1, d3=1

If we want to send data 1110, that is d1=1, d2=1, d3=1 and d4=0.
How to create the Hamming code with even parity? Show steps (6 points)
Suppose bit d2=1 (as marked in the data) was altered to 0 during transmission. Only one bit was altered, can the receiver detect the wrong bit and how to detect that bit? Show steps. (6 points)
During the transmission of the Hamming code derived in (a), if the probability that one bit is altered is 10%, what is the probability that the Hamming code can be received with all bits correct? (5 points)
Assuming we use one chip to represent one bit. It is known that the chip rate is 100 chips/second. What is the corresponding chip duration? How long is the time period of the Hamming code? (5 points)
In free space, line-of-sight transmission limits the separation of transmitters and receivers to about 10 km. If a 100-milliwatt transmitter at 4 GHz with isotropic antenna is used with transmitting. The receiver’s receiving antenna has 4 effective area in , what is the received power level in dBm? (10 points)