Imagine yourself as an Environmental Health & Safety Manager

1.) Imagine yourself as an Environmental Health & Safety Manager at a large manufacturing plant. You are tasked with keeping the facility in total compliance with all environmental and occupational safety and health requirements. One day, your boss informs everyone there will be a large expansion of the factory including a production line for the newest product made by the company. The production line will utilize several large new pieces of equipment including 3-D Printers, Additive Manufacturing Machines, robotics, and an integrated wireless electronic communication system. The equipment will require chemicals not previously used at the factory including several different chemicals and metals with nanoparticle sizes. Your boss invited you to serve on the planning committee for the expansion of the factory. Describe how you envision your role on the planning committee. Then, list and explain at least three recommendations. Cite your sources.
2.) Compare and contrast the environmental impact outcomes for transportation choices. The choices include, gasoline or diesel vehicle, hybrid vehicle, all electric vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, autonomous gasoline vehicle and autonomous all electric vehicle. Give examples. Give details in your explanation. This question is an assessment of your understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the transportation sources. Cite your sources.
3.) List four factors that affect the degree of plastic product breakdown. Choose a specific type of plastic that has less environmental impact than traditional plastics. Explain why you selected the plastic. Cite your sources.