Write 3 paragraphs answering the following question: What are the benefits US society receives from immigrants? What are the social problems created by immigration? Does the USA need more immigrants? Be sure that in your answers you demonstrate that you have read some of the following articles:……………… Grading criteria: Students can gain up to 5 points per paragraph written, and 5 points for the bibliography (list of sources consulted). Each paragraph must answer one of the questions. Each paragraph must demonstrate that the student completed the required readings and videos. Each paragraph must contain a direct reference or quotation to some of the required readings. Each paragraph must be original, using the student’s own work or ideas. A complete list of used sources must be included after the 3 paragraphs. Sources must be listed using APA or ASA format.
A plagiarism check software will be used. Plagiarism will result in a grade of 0.