Individual essay, max 2500 words, on a contemporary topic of the students

Individual essay, max 2500 words, on a contemporary topic of the students choosing related to theories of tourism destination marketing. (LO 2, 3, 4)
Students can submit partial drafts of their assessments for formative feedback from Clare when required, up to a week before they are due.
You can choose your own essay topic and title based upon any one of subject areas covered in the module outline.
Your chosen title MUST NOT reflect or connect in any way to your dissertation subject. The title of your essay must reflect the module title and subject focus and set at the appropriate academic level. The essay title should include words such as ‘to evaluate’, ‘to compare’, ‘to contrast’, or ‘to analyse.’ To be submitted via Turnitin. Further information will be given out in class.
All assessments operate under the University’s General Examination and Assessment Regulations (GEAR) available on MyStudies
These are the criteria by which the essays will be assessed:
Research, knowledge and understanding – the essay should identify the main factors addressed by the essay question, demonstrating depth of knowledge and understanding of the key points discussed. A range of sources across a broad range of material should have been used
Analysis and discussion – the points raised by the essay questions should be analysed and critically discussed
Synthesis and creativity – the essay should demonstrate a synthesis of the key concepts, creating a knowledgeable and informed narrative
Structure, Communication and presentation – appropriate referencing throughout, bibliography in correct convention using a range of sources, word-processed, neatly presented, lack of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Any small charts, maps and other visuals may be displayed in the main part of the essay, rather than in an appendix. Well organised with a clearly identified and logically developed structure