Individual Professional Practice Document: NP Title, Definition, and Consensus Model

Value: Complete at 100 points
Grading Category: IPP Document Development
During this course, you will be developing an Individual Professional Practice Document (IPPD) that will identify the regulations, requirements, certification, and rules of the state in which you plan to practice as an APRN upon graduation. As you complete certain modules, you will be asked to add to the IPPD, so it is essential that you keep it handy and edit along the way as you receive feedback from your faculty. Adding to the document with each assignment will produce a complete document by the end of the course. For this assignment, use the Individual Professional Practice Document (Word). Please only submit Week 1 information.
Identify the following:

Your name
APRN specialty foci
State you plan to practice as an APRN
The state’s definition of a Nurse Practitioner. See Appendix 1A in Buppert text.
The title allowed by that state. See Appendix 1B in Buppert text.

If you live close to the border of another state and plan to practice or already practice in that state, it is strongly recommended that you have a separate document for that state as well. Not all states have the same regulations and requirements.

In order for this assignment to be considered complete, you will need to address all the prompts and write a summary related to the APRN Consensus Model