Informative Outline Sample Topic: Wedding rituals around the world Organization: Spatial Specific

Informative Outline Sample
Topic:  Wedding rituals around the world
Organization:  Spatial
Specific Purpose:  To teach the audience about wedding traditions unique to other cultures
I.  Introduction 
A.  Attention Getter: Did you know that in some places you must slaughter a chicken or marry a banana tree before marrying your mate?
B. Relevance: Almost every person in this room will someday get married; you may do something like walk down an aisle, or toss a bouquet, but what if you want to integrate another culture into your own?
C.  Credibility: I love weddings, romance, and culture so I decided to search out as much as I could and share my interest with you.
D.  Preview: We’ll travel through the A continents – the Americas, Africa and then Asia finding some of the most unique marriage traditions.
  E.  Transition to body: Let’s begin closest to home
II.  Body 
A.  Main point 1 Not all of the America’s celebrate wedding traditions in the same way
1.  Bridget Mallon, in a 2013 Huffington Post article writes that in Panama the priest blesses 13 gold coins, which the groom gives to his bride representing Christ and his apostles.
2.  I learned on the website, The Knot, that in Mexico the priest will tie a lasso in a figure eight around the couples’ shoulders to symbolize never ending love. 
3.  An article titled, Wedding Traditions in Latin America explained that in El Salvador the bride and her family are escorted to the church in seven white cars. 
Transition: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, now we’ll look at some of the traditions of Africa
B.  African traditions are even more unique as I learned from the Huffington Post article I previously mentioned.  
1.  In Kenya, the father gives the daughter away by spitting on her forehead and breasts.  Shen then leaves with her husband in fear of being turned into stone if she doesn’t (Mallon, 2013).
2.  In the Congo, the couple is not allowed to smile at all during or after the wedding and may not smile in any pictures because they are expected to take their celebration seriously (Mallon).
. Transition:  Continuing to move East, the final place we will explore is Asia.
C.  Asian countries had what I considered the most unusual traditions
1.  The Knot website informs us that in Mongolia China, the couple slaughters a chicken every day, looking at the liver to determine what day they should get married.
2.  In another area of China, the Sichaun province, the bride must cry for an hour every day for a month leading up to the wedding, after one week her mother joins her and after two weeks her grandmother joins her.  This crying is supposed to symbolize happiness (The Knot).
3.  In South Korea, after the wedding, the groom must take a beating to his feet using either a cane, a stick or a fish.  While he is being beaten he is tested on his knowledge and then he can leave with his bride (Mallon).
III.  Conclusion
A.  Transition to conclusion:  I hope you enjoyed this travel across continents looking at marriage ceremonies
B.  Summary:  Whether you were most interested in America, Africa or Asia maybe you are grateful for the ceremonies of your own culture or maybe you want to try a new one.  
C.  Memorable Closing: Whatever you choose, may you live happily ever after.  References
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