Intercultural Interview Reflection

For this assignment, you will need to interview an individual who identifies with a non-Western and/or non-Judeo-Christian culture. This interview can be in person, over the phone, or by email. This may be someone you know personally or that you locate through a local cultural center, club, religious organization or even an embassy or consulate. You need to obtain permission from this individual to list their contact information in your paper in the event that your instructor needs to verify your work. 
During your interview you should ask the following questions: 

What do you identify as the most important or distinct practices of your culture?
How are gender roles addressed in your culture?
How is social power, authority, or social roles in a hierarchy expressed in your culture?
In class, we learned that in honor-oriented societies, worth comes from ones role or group membership and in justice-oriented societies, worth comes from what one does or doesnt do. What is the role of honor/shame in your culture? Are honor/pride and dishonor/shame important concepts in your culture? 

After your interview, write a 500-750-word paper summarizing and reflecting on the responses you received. What did you learn from this exchange? How did your perceptions change? Based on your discussion, how do you think your culture is perceived by others? You should incorporate at least three concepts from Chapters 12, 13, or 14 of your textbook in your response.