Introduction I am —–(Architect). I graduated from Miracle University with a bachelor’s

                   I am —–(Architect). I graduated from Miracle University with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture in July 2019. The five-year-long study and research on each project, has laid a solid foundation for who I am right now and what I am capable of in facing challenges and coming up with a better solution.
                   I am attracted to architecture because I like the freedom to use the creative part of me and the idea of helping to shape the world around me to meet the demands of the future. I will be looking forward to a career that could be full of challenges that I will find personally rewarding and be able to feel I have given something back to the community. And now I am working at Etoile general contractor plc as an architect and site supervisor since January 2021. I have accepted the offer from the department of international business management at Niagara College and I am longing for my postgraduate study there.
The reason I choose Canada ( please look for information on Canada What factors influence international students’ decision to study in Canada?
                One of the most important reasons why I choose to study in Canada is because of the high quality of education with a standard of living and an affordable cost with a trend of teaching in an experiential way of learning. It has been ranked as one of the safest nations in the world in 2022 and also tuition fees in Canada when compared to colleges in the US and UK is a little cheaper. Welcoming environment with different cultures and lifestyles is another reason for me to choose to study in Canada.
Why I chose Niagara college (low for information/search on why Niagara college is chosen)
                Niagara College is one of Ontario’s 24 colleges of applied art and technology. It is recognized as a leader in student satisfaction, consistently ranking among the top college in Ontario according to provincial surveys. And all campuses offer easy access to a wide range of grocery shopping and entertainment also regular bus routes are available to travel to all campuses. The small-scaled class size at Niagara College has also made me choose among other colleges.
Why international business management(please search about this topic
               I decided to study international business management for a post-graduate program at Niagara College because the journey of the world is moving towards the road of globalization. Hence the main element bonding and binding all classes of the society in all aspects and sectors is business. I can definitely say there is no field of study without being inclusive of business as a major target. So as a young and energetic person who is willing to go through the process of learning new things in my is a must for me to think of directing my field of study towards a business direction to reach my experiences and skills to the world.
             I believe there is a lot for the world to explore about Architecture with the guidance of historical data which are inherited from thousand years back from the civilization that we are in. and studying IBM will lead me to a detailed understanding of the business world. So, I decided to study International Business Management to acquire skills of management at an international level that will transform my management style.
Future plans and Goals (I DO NOT LIKE THIS I IDEA please search how can help me the business class help me with my architected degree
             My future plan craves presenting a new trend for architectural business ideas that could entangle the world together. And help the society to live in quality of space encompassed by a lively environment. Since business is the core for all the aspires around us, I have fixed my goal as creating a web for constructing our future in a way that will guarantee in comforting the future generation with my personal business plan which I am eager to start after taking a post-graduate program at Niagara college on international business and management to gather and become entitled with skills of managing and leading to the future.
About my documentation
            I have included my uncle’s bank statement which shows a sum amount. This will help me to cover my tuition and living costs for a year alongside traveling costs. He has been supporting me on my educational advancement since day one of my school days, he is also willing to provide anything that it takes for this scholarship opportunity, and he will continue to help me in the future for other necessary expenses. I have also included his verification letter and certificate from his own company. My bachelor’s degree certificate is attached along with my official transcript and other forms of documents required are also included in my application. Please consider my request at the earliest possible, so that I would meet my course dates in time.
Thank you for your time!