I’ve started to get hooked on that TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home

I’ve started to get hooked on that TV show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, because every week they find someone who has done heroic things, and their house is designed and reconstructed to enable them to effect more lives. For example, they rebuilt a house and animal compound for the DeAeth family that rescued animals, enabling them to expand their rescue efforts.
In another episode, Paul and Cyndy Teas drained their life savings to purchase a rundown camp, so they could create a fun and safe place for kids with disabilities. Extreme Makeover provided a new place for the Teas, as well as refurbished the campsite so that more disabled kids could enjoy the wilderness experience. These stories are often heartwarming examples of real life heroes.
Who has been a hero to you? Give a short account of someone who was a hero in your life (could have been a teacher, a parent, an friend, a spouse, whomever) that changed your life forever. What have they done? Please share your story in a few paragraphs.