Jack and Jill Learning Center is a high quality learning center that

Jack and Jill Learning Center is a high quality learning center that serve children 6 month to 12 years. Our facility is a warm,  safe, and clean environment. The Corporation has been in business for 10 year. 
About Us 
We have been in operation  for ten years.  Our facilty has been nominate forthe best serving children award for the last 5 years.  We are licensed by the Mississippi  State Department of Health. We are also USDA aproved  to help serve your child a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  We offer finiacial service to help with tution as well.
Explain the centers scope of services including: Ages served, hours of service, location of center and tuition or fees.
Our center serve children ages 6 months to 12 years old. Our hours of operation is from 7 a.m to 6 p.m  Monday- Friday. We  are located at 2432 West Blvd, Clarksdale, Ms. 38614. Tuition is $375 a week. Our late fee is $50 after one week. If late paying tuition over 3 times within a month can result in yiur  child being removed from the program. Program Structure
Establish daily structure including a curriculum unit plan, a sample lunch and snack menu, and explanation of your curriculum and developmentally appropriate practices
B-apple, cereal, milk
L- pizza, oranges, corn, milk
S crackers, cheese, milk
B- banana, milk, juice, oatmeal 
L- ham&cheese sandwich , bread, milk, peas 
S- pretzels, milk
B- applesauce, milk, toast
L- mashed potatoes & gravy, Salisbury steak, jello, carrots, milk 
S- goldfish crackers, juice
B-pancakes, juice, milk, syrup
L- hotdogs, coleslaw, milk, fruit
S- graham crackers, slice apples, milk
B- sausage, egg, milk, juice, peaches
L- hamburger, mandarin oranges, milk, lettuce, tomato, French fries
S- carrots, milk
Our philosophy at the Jack and Jill Learning Center is that each child will learn regardless of their different learning styles. They will gain knowledge in both academic and socially. We will prepare curriculum that will fit the needs of all children. Our curriculum will be will provides teachers with strategies that will ensure that all children are getting the necessary skills that will allow  them to learn at their own pace. We will create standards that will help teachers deliver quality teaching and hands on activities. All students will be given a fair chance at learning and excelling. Our teacher will attend monthly workshops to make sure that they will continue to gain knowledge on how to teach different learning styles for all children.
Outline the philosophy and focus of the program, including your chosen theory from Chapter 1 and construct your center’s philosophy based on this theory.
Design a statement that demonstrates how your center will address each of the ten NAEYC Standards:
Assessment of Child Progress
Teachers (how you support your staff)
Community Relationships
Physical Environment (indoors and out)
Leadership and Management (summary of your most recent professional development experience)