January 27, 2022 You & Your Environment Give this class’ “definition of

January 27, 2022
You & Your Environment
Give this class’ “definition of stress” given in the lecture. 
According to the lecture “Stress” is simply anything that gets between the people and their goals. According to the article, “Why can Uncertainty Cause Stress?”, the uncertainty about the future is considered a maladaptation of humans to predict the future based on their experiences from the past. This discordance brings the person to think negatively about some unpleasant experience which can cause anxiety and stress.
2. Given that specific definition, describe an interaction between you and your environment (i.e. person, place, thing, etc.) that recently caused uncertainty and made you to feel uncomfortable. 
Since the Covid crisis started, I was concerned about my career, the health and safety of my family, and my wellbeing. My current biggest stressor as mentioned is the Coronavirus pandemic. I work at the Preschool part-time in the afternoon and as a substitute in the morning. Before I used to work long-term as a substitute but after the COVID 19 pandemic, the classes are being closed because some students and staff are testing positive for COVID 19 and the children are under quarantine. This situation causes uncertainty because it affects my financial life.
3. What triggered that uneasy feeling?   
The uncertainty of what it is going to happen after the COVID 19 pandemic triggered the anxiety feeling.
4. What type of stress was it…eustress or distress?
I consider distress because it impacts my financial life causing negative thoughts which I try to control.
5. How long did it last? Was it acute or chronic?
It is acute. I try to manage and control my feelings and emotions.
6. What happened to return your sense of normalcy after this interaction? 
After this interaction, I look for activities that can help me to control my stress and anxiety. I have practiced yoga and met some of my friends, we were helping each other to overcome fears and frustrations. If my feelings get intense, I always look for a mentor or a counselor who can be a good listener and help me to deal with the moment.