Kize Concepts, an energy-bar company

Marketing Plan Chapter 16 presents the marketing plan, a cohesive strategy that combines marketing principles covered throughout the entire book.Go to Kize Homepage and look through the information for Kize Concepts, an energy-bar company featured earlier in the textbook. (You may also want to look through the company’s social media profiles as well.)Next, evaluate the following pieces of the marketing plan for the company and consider the following: What do you think each element of the marketing plan would be for Kize Concepts given what you see online?
Brand IdentityWhat is the current brand identity? How is this conveyed?Target MarketWhat does the current target market appear to be?
Product/ServiceWhat is the current product or service?
Positioning StatementWrite out what you think the company’s positioning statement is based on what you have researched. Use the positioning statement template in the textbook.[supanova_question]