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Shark Tank
Shark tank is one of the prominent and successful business reality tv shows. It has a wide range of entrepreneurs such as Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, who are always willing to invest in worthy projects.
Their General Presentation
Barbara Corcoran
She is one of the most successful entrepreneurs at the shark tank. In her presentation, she appears to be a good individual that speaks from the heart and the head. In her time at the show, she has contributed massively by investing in various businesses ( She spearheads all the deals and ensures that they succeed. During her presentation, one will likely walk out with the best advice on starting, growing, investing, and expanding the business ( She claims her credentials mostly contain Ds and flunked out some courses.
Daymond John
He is also another best entrepreneur at a shark. During his presentation, he intends to share how they can apply his tactics and succeed in life ( He usually shares tips regarding negotiating, improving the worker’s morale, increasing productivity, and boosting sales. His advice usually resonates with all people regardless of whether they are students, corporate CEO, or small business owners ( In his presentation, one will get some valuable tools to apply in their profession.
Kevin O’Leary
This is also another major entrepreneur in the show. In his presentation, he usually talks about how he was raised and the important lessons he learned from his parents. He usually talks about how it feels to be on the show and his relationship with his peers ( He usually ensures that the audience better comprehends his beliefs concerning success, hard work, money, and entrepreneurship ( His O’Leary fundamentals are vital for individuals of all ages across different fields.
Daymond John is known to have invested in various products. Among the common ones is Bombas which deals with producing comfortable socks and helping the poor through donations (Simpson). Likewise, among the common product for Barbara Corcoran is her investment in comfy which is a blanket that can be worn. She invested in this product, and she gained massively (Simpson). For O’Leary, he has invested in various products, among them being the wicked good cupcakes.
Daymond john’s decision to invest in Bombas seemed to have helped him massively. The idea to invest in the socks and at the same time help, the needy have seen Bombas’s value rise to approximately $225 million (Simpson). He invested about $200,000 in 2017 for 17% shares of the company. His investment saw the company sell about 42 million products, and we earned $225 million. As for Oleary, He decided to invest 75000 and in 2016 made his investment back as the cupcake sales amounted to $8 million in 2016 (Inventionland). His investment in cupcakes paid off.
For Barbara Corcoran, her idea to invest in comfy also saw her gain massively. Currently, the products are highly valued. Although she considered the idea a crazy one, she eventually invested $50000 in developing a 30% share within the company (Simpson). Finally, she gained massively because, as of 2017, the company made sales worth $150 million (Simpson). It appears to have been a good investment as the company outperformed companies selling similar products.
 Positive and Negative Aspects
Both the entrepreneurs are eager to share information on how to succeed. All of them seem to be generous and will willingly provide or share any information or advice that can make one succeed in their profession ( For instance, Barbra is known to be confident and courageous. However, she also likes to interrupt and use it to her advantage.  Still, Daymond is a charismatic individual who knows how to communicate with the audience ( Kevin seems to be a caring individual in that he always makes sure that his audience has understood his concept, including his skills.
The show has different entrepreneurs with diverse presentations as they invest in multiple products. Most of the products they have invested in have helped them gain massively. Nonetheless, they have the attributes that distinguish them.
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