Research and define the differences inthe job responsibilities of a leader versus the job responsibilities of amanager. Use the questions below to guide your research, which should include atleast two peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals that are less than 5years old. Prepare a paper in which you include your responses in APA paragraph format to the following:
        Offerdefinitions for leaders and managers.
        Providethe arguments for and against distinguishing leaders from managers.
        Compareand contrast effective leadership traits that have developed and evolved overthe past 40 years (or so) based on your research.
        Determinehow managerial or leadership activities and behavior are affected by a level ofresponsibility.
        Provideguidelines for defining job responsibilities and setting performance goals ofleaders and managers.
        Explainwhy some people argue that leadership is innate, and management is not.
Support your paper with a minimum of twoscholarly, peer-review sources and a total of four sources, including thetextbook. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate websources can be used.
Length: 5-7 pages, double-spaced, notincluding title and reference pages.
The paper should be written in a third-party academic tone, not first person (no I, we, you, he, she). This assignmentis not focused on personal opinion, it is an objective-based assignment. And forAPA format examples please check the document I uploaded.