Leadership Philosophy

Exercise 4: Finalizing Your Leadership Philosophy Now that you’ve identified your leadership values, uncovered your leadership assumptions, and understand what beliefs guide your leadership thinking, you are now ready to write statements reflecting your leadership philosophy using the responses above. Statements about your leadership should be written in the present moment, not in the future tense. Creating “present moment” statements helps you internalize and visualize your philosophy as it is happening now, not in the future or the past. Your leadership philosophy should be a statement that consists of your responses from the above exercise. It doesn’t have to include everything, but it should encompass the general idea of what you’ve written. It doesn’t have to be formatted in a certain way – whatever makes sense to you. you can write a story explaining your philosophy. Start with an initial draft of your philosophy and write it down. Revise it as often as you need. Remember, your philosophy can change depending on where you are at with your leadership. some of the leadership values: honestly, loyalty, hardworking, Collaboration, respect