Learning Intervention Plan – Phase One

intervention plan including any supporting documentationYou are required to identify, plan, carry out and critically reflect on a personal/professional development activity which will support you in the successful completion of your doctorate programme and future development
Opportunities for PDP include:
Research methods mentoring, Subject mentoring, External sector mentoring, Literature search, Engaging the employer in development, Engaging with technologies which can be career or skills enhancing, Peer review of work, Being driven to become a reflexive practitioner
Phase 1 – see Learning Intervention Formative Guidance
A highly structured plan to help you identify and scope your learning intervention. Once approved you then need to keep records of these learning interventions
Carry out the relevant learning and development activity.
Keep a record of your learning intervention(s) and initial reflections on the learning and impact gained. Note at least 2-3 critical incident records are required as evidence.
• Critically reflect on and analyse your personal and professional skills and experience, you have gained over the course of your professional career and how this has led to your choice of doctorate
• You may find it a challenge to decide what specifically to write about, particularly if you have a great deal of working experience to reflect on, so select a small number of key highlights that will allow an evaluation of the range of your experience in the subject areas. Remember, you must relate these experiences to relevant theory in order to meet the academic requirements of this assignment.
• Analyse your academic, personal and professional capability. Consider doing a personal SWOT and/or a skills matrix. Identify your unique strengths and how best to build on these, as indicated by literature.
• Consider the personal, academic and professional skills, knowledge and competencies you need to successfully complete the doctorate and identify gap areas and desired learning goals.
• Identify the initial strategies that will assist you to address gap areas/learning goals, e.g. if you wish to better plan your DBA in terms of managing time, consider project management methodologies, time management methodologies, etc. It is vital that these strategies are appropriate methodologies to address your development needs.
• Identify the key success criteria that will help you reach the desired impact from these learning areas/goals.
• Include a Personal Development Plan to support Phase One.
• Ensure this is a well-structured essay with clearly defined start, middle and end and logical flow
• As this is self-reflection you can use the first person when writing.
• Your work must be supported and referenced with appropriate academic texts, viewpoints and theories.
• You must use Harvard Referencing