LIA – Country Profile Ryan Adams Introduction to Macroeconomics The LIA is

LIA – Country Profile
Ryan Adams
Introduction to Macroeconomics
The LIA is a project done in groups of three people in which a country is profiled. Various macroeconomic indicators are used to describe individual aspects of the economy and then, taken together, to provide an overall basic description of a country’s economic trajectory.
The LIA consists of two components: an individual component and a group component
Individual Component:
Each group member will be asked to find and calculate where necessary a particular set of economic indicators from the following list:
GDP, GNP, NDP, GDP per capita over the last 5 years
Labour force, LFPR, total number of employed, total number of unemployed, unemployment rate over the last 5 years
CPI (each year), Annual Inflation Rate (each year), Average Annual Inflation Rate (over 5 years) for the last 5 years
Group Component:
As a group, the country’s economic indicators as well as a compilation of noteworthy economic, social and/or political events taken from the news must be used to describe and explain the trajectory of that country’s economy over the last 5 years.
This should be in essay format with between 750 to 1000 words. All sources for economic indicators as well as at least 5 news media sources must be used in APA format.
Please note that all sources must be cited in-text and on the reference page. Failure to properly cite sources is grounds for a grade of zero and potentially further actions taken for plagiarism at the college level.
To be submitted:
Individual Component: a compilation of the data found, calculations conducted and sources used
Group Component: Essay with cover page with title, your names, our course name and my name. Attached should be the list of references.