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Project Overview: Each student will research and existing or emerging tool/technology relevantto supporting effective learning principles. Students will research, develop a presentation, andprovide practical examples of use of their selected tool/technology in various learningenvironments.Each student will prepare a 5-minute presentation to share their Emerging Technologyresearch. As a result, students will be exposed to a variety of eLearning tools that may be usefulin the future.Students should sign up for presentation date and submit your topic in advance.Deliverable: Students will present on their chosen tool. The presentation should includecreative elements (screenshots, images, graphics, etc.) and should include the followingcontent:a. Name and description of the toolo What is this technology and its purposeb. Knowledge, skills, and/or materials required to successfully use the toolo How can I learn to use this technology or features?c. Guidelines for use and implementationo Who can benefit or target group?o What are the advantages and barriers to adoption?d. Examples of learning outcomes that can be supported by the eLearning toolo Under what circumstances is this technology effective for training anddevelopment goals?e. References 2-3