Literature Review

Heading: IDS 302 Title Your Name Your Two Disciplines Discuss the intellectual conversation on your issue. The Literature Review analyzes existing literature and places your thinking in that intellectual conversation (or better, given you’re working in more than one discipline, those intellectual conversations). For your literature review, include minimally 10 sources, all of which must be JOURNAL articles, also known as “scholarly” or “academic” or “refereed” sources. To repeat, for this literature review all of your sources will be JOURNAL articles (which you obtain online: look in ASU Libraries’ journal indexes – best to search by “subject,” i.e. discipline). A minimal research effort could earn a minimal grade, so the better effort you make the better chances you have of earning a better grade. (More than ten is a good thing!) Join the ongoing academic conversation(s) related to your research issue. And make your tentative argument as clear as you possibly can, somewhere near the beginning, and again near the end of the literature review. It is CRUCIAL that your literature review bears evidence of interdisciplinary thinking. We’ll expect more of that in your final paper for this course, but your Lit Review ought to attend to interdisciplinarity in some meaningful way or ways. Put Repko and Menken