MAJOR PROJECT – Planning an Event MAJOR PROJECT – Planning an Event

MAJOR PROJECT – Planning an Event
MAJOR PROJECT – Planning an Event
3. Operations:
Operations Objective
Suppliers (where applicable) that will be involved in your event and what functions each of them will manage.
Logistics and Supplies/Suppliers (include all that apply):
Venue choice, justification, layout, etc.
Production Schedule (i.e. for 24 hours prior to event, till 6 hours post event)
Media handling
Rehearsals/ Briefings
Travel of guests to and from event
Guest Transportation
Guest Accommodation
Other areas unique to your event that need to be mentioned
Catering and Hospitality
Food and beverage
Report Format:
Prepare your report in Word or Equivalent (approx. 10 -12 pages) – ) – no other format will be graded unless previously approved (in writing) by your instructor.
Use a professional title page, table of contents, references and appendices as required
Use a consistent font size (12 pt) and style (Helvetica, Arial, Calibri or similar) for all written content (excluding headings, etc.)
Use headings, subheadings, diagrams, tables, images. This is a professional business report.
You must support your ideas with research from the textbook, online sources, the library. Images and other research must be referenced using APA format (please use APA in-text citations).
Your report should be creative and thorough. Creativity is rewarded!
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