Making Writing Relevant 1 Report on Communication in Business Administration Steven M.

Making Writing Relevant 1
Report on Communication in Business Administration
Steven M. Soto
ENGL110: Making Writing Relevant
Professor Jodie Baeyens
The Discipline I am Studying: Business Administration
Research Guide I am Using is Business Administration
The types of articles in the field’s journals
Articles about functions of management, four-mode framework, lifecycles in organizations, stages of organization, organizational growth, computer basics for business, best business podcasts to listen to in 2021, financial performance, managerial education, business strategies, and market analysis
The databases I’d use to learn about this field
Business Source Complete, Business Collection, ScienceDirect, Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), Free Management Books, and Free Management Library
The types of books in this field
Modern Economics, Foundations Accounting, Research Methods, Marketing Simplified, and Human Resource Management
Video sites that talk about this field, Shopify, Behind the Brand, The Startup Grind, and Jamie Turner’s 60 Second Marketer
Websites that focus on this field
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Financial Times, Market Watch, TED TalksNational Bureau of Economic Research, Management, and Business Study Portal
Organizations used by people in this field
American Investment Council, The Advertising Club of NewYork, The Copywriter Club Academy of International Business
Social media used by people in this field
The Harvard Business Review Idea Cast, The $100 MBA Show, The Jason, and Scot Show, Linked in Learning Blog, The Social Media Marketing Talk Show, Shopify on Twitter and Facebook
3. Here is a Closer Look at the site, The Goal Digger Podcast
Goal Digger Podcast is a podcast held by Jenna Kutcher focusing on entrepreneurs that are women. Jenna is successful as an entrepreneur who effectively balances family and cooperative responsibility. Majorly, the program’s objective is to empower women entrepreneurs to improve their business lives. Accordingly, the podcast gives updates weekly on strategies applicable in the current market for women entrepreneurs to market their business. Other areas covered include SEO and Instagram Marketing, a work-life balance between women roles as executive and parents, by creating brand names for the respective company. The language used in the program is formal, with a few business slang in between. The feedback is in the form of live messenger and Facebook messenger. The program creates motivation for upcoming women entrepreneurs since they exchange ideas with their seniors who have excelled in the fields they are yet to explore. Accordingly, it equips women on the dynamic trend trends of the business world based on current research by giving effective methodologies. Through standard terms in business, mostly women who are not in the business world become left out of the conversations since they can’t comprehend some of the terms used.
5. Here are tips for communicating in this field of study.
The fundamentals for great communication with workers in the business management division accurately and precisely convey a message. Therefore, there is the use of plain language, which relays the intended point to the target audience. However, to prevent confusing the passage of the intended information, there is a selection of specific language that creates a tangible image in the audience’s minds in a compelling manner. Also, the message getting passed must point toward current research and therefore must be free of any generalizations or misconceptions. In conclusion, the language most applicable in business administration communication adapts to the standards set by international academic integrity. Correspondingly, it includes expertise in choosing non-aggressive words, which are accurate in conveying a very well comprised message to avoid ambiguity.