Your Assignment
You decide to host a party for all of your friends. Ensuring it’s a success will require careful management on your part. For each of the four management functions, list at least three decisions you need to make and/or actions you need to take. Don’t simply list the decisions; also list the results of those decisions. For example, under planning, instead of “define goals,” specify what your goals are (e.g., my goals are to ensure every guest has a good time, raise $1,000 for charity, etc.); instead of “choose a theme,” identify what your theme is; etc.
Pay special attention to the link between planning and controlling. Establishing goals is an important component of the planning function. Goals are outcome statements that define what you’re trying to accomplish. Define your goals in a way that is measurableotherwise, you won’t know whether you’re on track to achieve your goals. As part of the controlling function, consider how you will monitor progress toward your goals and what corrective action you will take if youre not achieving them.
Please format your response with four headingsplanning, organizing, leading, and controllingand three bullet points per heading.