Managers and Entrepreneurship TO: David FROM:DATE: 12/10/21 SUBJECT: Decision-making is there for

Managers and Entrepreneurship
TO: David
FROM:DATE: 12/10/21
Decision-making is there for response to opportunities and threats through options analyzing and establishing resolution about the particular organizational goals. The current economy is innovation-driven and the generation of great ideas has emerged as an urgent managerial priority. Managers have the responsibility to lay the corporate agenda for entrepreneurship, their entrepreneurial characteristics matter are of importance to the implementation of corporate entrepreneurship. For identification of change, learning needs to be strengthened in view of improving its performance and networking with external stakeholders’ improvement. Leaders need to learn how to adapt as change is constant and inevitable leaders must be flexible to succeed.
There has been a lot of career derailment among many managers with the most frequent contributing factor being the inability to develop and to adapt. Studies have shown that many leaders are limiting workplaces mostly those that are inflexible and who have resisted change. Resistance to change orchestrates projects or system-wide implementation undermining progress and causing anxiety and negative emotions from other team members. The enthusiasm of employees, cooperation, morale, and creativity are jeopardized, making it more difficult in the running of the business or the organization. The objective is to learn how leaders kept their careers on track and avoid derailment.
A meeting on the 15 of December has been set and will take through google meets also to upholding the Covid-19 restriction rules.
Questions to be asked;
For how long have you been in management and what is the highest number of employees you have managed?
What are the most important contributions of a manager in your own words?
If employees were asked about your managing style, how would they describe it?
How has management influenced your way of management?
Professor comment on this question,“What exactly do you plan to understand with this question? It is a little generic. Please rephrase it”
Where is the one common area that managers fail at?
Professor comment on this question, “Can you provide examples from your own experience? Any failure that helped you or the organization learn?”
How has change improved you as a manager and how are you able to manage change?
Professor comment on this question “For example,”
How do you cope with your mistakes?
Professor comment on this question“It would be great to also ask about the approach to managing other people’s mistakes. Any specific examples they are willing to share?”
Thank you for your cooperation.