Mapping modernity

In this assessment, you will present for 5 minutes on your final project in progress. Your presentation should cover the following points in a power point.(Final project draft is attachted to this order, ploease use this draft to expand upon in the slides)1. Introduce your project – working title, research questions, your
working argument/hypothesis, and literature review (talk to the key points in your annotated bibliography)2. Describe/discuss your work in progress – read from or talk to what you have written or produced so far of your project, making sure to contextualize the section you discuss in the larger framework of your project3. Insights and issues – what have you discovered so far? What questions or problems have come up? What are your preliminary findings/conclusions? You will be assessed on the clarity of your ideas and communication style, relevance and analysis of sources, development of research questions/ideas, and engagement with questions.