Your response to this assignment will be evaluated using the following criteria:(i) originality responses must contain original insights and analyses and be developed only from the prescribed materials for this course (any copy and paste from any other source cited or uncited will receive F grade)(ii) completeness — all aspects of all questions have been answered fully;(iii) appropriateness a focused response offered that pertains directly to the question asked, and;(iv) reasoning (logic and arguments advanced to support your responses).A general note on how to approach assignments in this course:1.  Treat the assignment as a task that requires thought and application instead of research through Web and other sources for answers and responses. There is more value (and higher grades) in original insights and analyses.Try to offer responses that are appropriate to the question. In other words, write your answer not with a view of what-is-the-professor-looking-for but what is required as the most appropriate and best response.4.  Do not offer raw personal experiences and opinions (e.g., statements that start with I think …, I believe … etc.). Instead, generalize from such experiences and try to be persuasive. Try to convince the reader through logic, arguments and examples.5.  There is no page limit for the assignment. Please use 12-point font and 1-inch margins on all sides of the paper.
Question 2: Consider any business with which your group is very familiar. This could be a fast-food restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, a nail salon, a healthcare facility, a gym, or any other business. Give this business a fictitious name (e.g., XYZ or ABC) and elaborate on each of the 5Cs for this business.
(I WILL BE USING AN AIRLINE COMPANY AND I AM TO ELABORATE ON ONLY 1 OF THE C’S WHICH IS “CONTEXT”… ) My other group members will be doing the other C’s