Marketing Principles

This is a summative piece of assessment that brings together your learning in the course over the semester. You are expected to complete this task individually without conferring with others. Your instructor will not be providing guidance or advice on any questions relating to this case study prior to submission although we will provide general support through the discussion board. Some of the required information in this regard is provided within this document and the list of references at the end but you are expected to undertake desk research on your own to get a better understanding of the market for the product.

The questions are based on the Case Study: The original Oatley! This is an iconic brand with a substantial presence in the Singaporean market, more so, because it now has a strategic partnership in place with Singapore’s beverage manufacturer Yeo’s. I hope this case provides a good learning experience for you, particularly because of the challenges the company has experienced with marketing the product to your generation! The weighting of marks for each question is identical and responses for each question are limited to a maximum.

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