Select a company from the list below and find their company’s business page on either Facebook or Instagram. (You may choose a different company with a strong social media presence if you’d like).

Away Luggage
Blenders Eyewear 

Scroll through the company’s Facebook or Instagram feed until you find a post that has a clear goal for the consumer. For example, you might find a post for AllBirds shoes that is advertising a holiday sale (the marketing goal, in this case, might be to drive revenue through a holiday sale). 
Take a screenshot of the social media post and include it in your discussion board post. Include answers to the following questions:

What broader marketing goal is this company trying to accomplish through this social media post (for example: build brand awareness, drive revenue, generate leads, convert leads). How do you know that this might be the intended goal?
What’s one specific recommendation you have for this company to increase its effectiveness in accomplishing its goal. Consider revisiting these articles to craft your advice.  

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