Merck, Pfizer as well as JNJ operate in similar environment but their

Merck, Pfizer as well as JNJ operate in similar environment but their respective expertise in the specific fields of medical science makes them different. Early discovery, patent exclusivity and pricing schedules make a base line for differentiation of drugs sold by these companies apart from the medical science branch. In order to cater to the growing demand, today peers such as Pfizer, Merck, and JNJ are actively collaborating for research and development purposes in order to expedite the discovery process and later obtain special co-commercialization rights. Some of such strategic partnerships taken by Merck include its collaboration with Eisai for combination of Keytruda and Lenvima as a combination treatment for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma. Merck also partnered with AstraZeneca for co-developing and co-commercializing Lynparza in 2017. Merck also partnered with Bayer AG for other oncology developments as well as HPV vaccine supplemental review filings under the FDA. Below table shows peculiar aspects of Merck, Pfizer, and JNJ enabling to further understand what each of those are competitive in while competing in the similar markets globally.
Table 5. Competitive Comparisons
Product Quality
High tech, globally digitalized manufacturing and supply chain network
High tech & globally integrated manufacturing network
advanced tech, integrated manufacturing & supply chain
Target User
infants – 70 years (oncology,cardio-metabolic disorders,infectious disease & vaccines)
mainly adults – 70 years (oncology,rare disease, inflammatory & immunology,internal medicine, vaccines,anti-infectives)
infants – 70 years (immunology,cardiovascular & metabolic disease,pulmonary hypertension,infectious disease, vaccines, oncology,neuroscience
>100 countries (NA, AP, EU, Mid East)
>120 countries (NA, AP, EU, Mid East)
>120 countries (NA, AP, EU, Mid East)
Environmental Protection, Safety & Sustainability
UN SDG commitment, Merck Foundation
UN SDG commitment, Pfizer Foundation
UN SDG commitment, JNJ Foundation
CSR (recent initiatives)
distributed about $1 billion of zero fee drugs,elimination of river blindness
Gavi alliance and increase in access to drugs,AMR Action Fund
cure blindness, JNJ cataract,AMR Action Fund
Organization Structure
Focused; with recent restructuring since 2016
Diversified; but undergoing restructuring
(Data source: self-made according to financial reports and corporate website)