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post a paragraph reflecting on the assigned class reading and ends in a “thought” question that extends your thinking on the topic. Note that “thought” questions should not be about content clarification and should not be easily answered by a yes/no response. Here are some options for things you could address in your commentary:

a discussion of statements that were mentioned in the reading that you agreed or disagreed with and why
making connections with other courses you’ve taken or making connections with material that we’ve covered in class
a discussion of how the reading helped to clarify misconceptions you had about the topic or how the reading made you think about the topic from a different perspective

find a recent (i.e., published within the last year) popular press article (e.g., blog post; newspaper article) related to the topic. The importance or relevance of the article you’ve chosen should be discussed at the end of your paragraph. Make sure to include the URL link for those interested in accessing your article.