MGMT 699 Group Case Report Planet Fitness: No judgments, No lunks This

MGMT 699 Group Case Report
Planet Fitness: No judgments, No lunks
This assignment is a group project assignment, worth 10 out of the 100 points for the semester.
The following guidelines should help you in writing this case study
Read the required topics carefully.
The time period is the one covered by the case.
Make use of concepts and theories from the text and class discussions. You need not cite the text directly nor should you explain/develop the concepts or theories. Please assume that I have knowledge and understanding of management theories. Simply make the logical connections between the concept or theory and the case issue to which it applies.
Use the perspective of a consulting team (NO first person). Pretend that your audience is the CEO or Board of Directors. Thus, your audience is familiar with all the facts of the case; do not waste time restating case data. Your objective is to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions, and make recommendations that are unique and must be explained and justified.
The case analysis report must be typed, Times New Roman,12-point, 1-inch margins all around, double-spaced, at least 15-page in length (excluding cover page, abstract, exhibits, or appendices). Please follow APA (7th edition) format (APA is the College of Management standard, so you should be familiar with it. More information about APA format can be found here: The case report should be submitted as Microsoft Word file format (.doc) only.
Your report should be well organized, succinct, and well written. The report should read as a unified piece of work and flow smoothly. The case should not read as multiple individual pieces merged into the same file.
In your report, please clearly indicate each topic you are addressing.
Number pages consecutively from beginning of document to the end.
PROOFREAD! In addition to content, grammar, spelling, and style are important! I will take off points for not following these guidelines and for submitting a sloppy report.
For each item below, I use the following rubric in my scoring:
Weak (.5-.6):
Major topic is present, but major items are omitted, presented without justification, or inaccurately described.
Acceptable (.7 – .8)
Every sub-topic is present,
Course concepts used accurately, Justification of conclusions obviously based on data, analysis
Strong (.9 – 1):
Every sub-topic is covered thoroughly yet concisely.
Conclusions are specific, with details and examples used to illustrate the concepts.
The following are the required topics for the text portion of the report:
Introduction: Introduce the case in one or two paragraphs describing the market the firm competes in, a summary of the key attributes of their service, and a general description of how well they are performing. State the central issue presented in the case. Keep this brief, since your audience knows the details.
External Analysis: How may trends in the various segments of the general environment (see Chapter 2, Section 3 of the textbook) affect Planet Fitness (If necessary, you can search external information to answer this question)? Evaluate industry attractiveness based on the five forces analysis. Why is it so difficult to make money in this industry?
Internal Analysis: What are Planet Fitness’s resources and capabilities? Do they lead to a sustainable competitive advantage? Use the four criteria (see Chapter 3, Section 3a of the textbook) to justify your claims.
Business Level Strategy: How has Planet Fitness developed a competitive advantage and achieved solid financial results? State and justify its business level strategy. In terms of value chain activities, what trade-offs has the firm made? How do the value chain activities and trade-offs contribute to the success of its business level strategy?
Corporate Level Strategy: How is Planet Fitness different from other players in terms of the corporate level strategy? Why has Planet Fitness chosen to do so? What are the pros and cons of this choice?
SWOT Analysis: Based on your analysis of the above topics, identify the strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities, and external threats. With the SWOT analysis, list and justify two strategic issues. Out of the two strategic issues, which is the central issue with highest priority and importance? Why?
Proposed Alternatives: Given the central issue, provide 2 alternatives that might be pursued by the firm. One of the proposed alternatives should be relatively short term and would not cost much, and the other should be relatively long term and would require significant investment. For each of the proposed alternatives, describe risks and/or benefits to two internal stakeholders and two external stakeholders.
Recommendation and Implementation: Select and justify, based on urgency and importance, one of the 2 alternatives mentioned above and describe an action plan to accomplish the recommendation: State a measurable goal – what results would need to be reviewed to determine if additional changes were needed? List at least 5 practical action steps to take to accomplish the recommendation.