Microbiome Discusion Question

This assignment requires two posts, each completed individually. Excerpts are assigned by last name. Click on the link to read the excerpt about the listed topic. If your last name begins with: A-D: Vertical transmission and the need for adequate perinatal care, part 1 E-L: Vertical transmission and the need for adequate perinatal care, part 2 M-S: The gut microbiome and access to adequate nutrition T-Z: Microbiology of the built environment and spatial justice First Post – Due Thursday Title your post with the name of the excerpt. According to your excerpt, what factor(s) affect the microbiome? For each factor, describe if it has a positive or negative impact on the microbiome. What implications does this have for human health? What solution(s) could be implemented to increase societal access to beneficial microorganisms? Define at least two vocabulary words or phrases from the section you read. These can be any words/phrases that you didn’t know the meaning of. (Examples: protozoa, biobanking, metabolic profile, etc.) What are two questions you have about what you have read? These may be something you need clarification on, technical questions, or broader questions about microbiomes. Second Post – Due Sunday Choose one classmate’s post to which to respond. Try to respond to someone that hasn’t yet received a response. Answer one of your classmate’s questions to the best of your abilities. This may require you to do some outside research. Please cite all sources fully, including in-text citations and a full reference list at the end, for full credit. GradingTo see how this assignment will be graded, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of this page, then click “Show Rubric”. If you’re reviewing this assignment using the Canvas mobile app, the rubric is included in the Grade tab. Note: While I am not specifically grading you on your spelling or grammar, scientific communication is an important skill. Please proofread and spellcheck before submitting to ensure that your ideas come across clearly. Up to 10% may be deducted for excessive grammar and spelling errors that affect the readability of your work.