MINI-DEBATES in Health topics

Instructions for MINI-DEBATES in Health topics

Divide in groups of 3 students each. 2 Speakers and 1 Crossfire chair per team for each side of the issue.

Conduct research using multiple sources to support a position in a debate.
Put the information gathered by the research into a PowerPoint presentation with graph illustrations, etc.
Synthesize the information to draw conclusions

Debate date:
Participate in a debate arguing one position in an effective and focused manner.
Deliver a polished speech that is organized and suited to the audience and that uses resource materials to clarify and defend positions. No more than 10 minutes
Speakers and cross fire chair should take notes during opposing speaker presentations for Crossfire
Crossfire examination: During the Crossfire period, the Crossfire chair has the floor and may ask and answer questions during a 5 minute period. The participants are instructed to keep questions and answers succinct; rudeness should not be tolerated. The first question must be posed by the team which did not speak just prior to the Crossfire period.
Assessment: Students in the class should be active in judging the debate to determine a winning side based on a rubrics scoring system. A rubric will be distributed to the classmates and they will score the presentation and crossfire examination and decide which team wins the debate.
A written essay of 5 pages with 6-7 references highlighting the major points of the research on the issue debated should be turned in at the end debate day