MIS 7000 Costco Data Analytics

Business intelligence is an umbrella term for many types of data analysis. Descriptiveanalytics can be used to depict current business conditions and providenew insights into the current environment. This type of analysistypically includes a dashboard with a big picture summary of data andthe ability to drill down to ever increasing levels of detail. Diagnosticanalytics can help to answer the question of why certain patterns existin the descriptive data by seeking statistical correlations of causeand effect. Predictive analytics examine the historical patternsassociated with descriptive analysis and the reasons for those patternsfrom the diagnostic analysis to predict future business activities. Predictiveanalytics include a combination of big data, business intelligence, andmachine learning, which is a form of artificial intelligence.Prescriptive analytics are used to make recommendations based on thepredictive analysis. In this paper, describe and provide examples of how Costco uses big data. Costhas a low-cost strategy, so explain how the various forms of dataanalytics could help to keep the costs of products and services low. Youshould provide examples of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, andprescriptive analytics for your business. Please be specific. This research driven paper, as the minimum, must contain: A title page Three to five pages of text-based content one or more reference pages