Module 06 Content Top of Form Reflection is a critical part of

Module 06 Content
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Reflection is a critical part of effective early childhood instruction. In a 1-2 page essay discuss the role of reflection in your current or future practices. Address each of the questions below with a thorough, well-written paragraph that includes specific examples.
How do you use reflection in your current professional practice?
How can reflection guide your work in inclusive classrooms?
How does reflection align with best practices for early childhood inclusive settings?
What additional considerations are needed for reflection in an inclusive setting?
Your final submission should include a title page, introduction, response to each of the questions, and a conclusion. You are encouraged to use references to support your points. All references should be cited following APA guidelines for in-text citations and for the reference page.
*The age group for this paper is 2-4 year olds*
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