Module 10 Activity PH 30014

Choose ONE of the following articles, read the article and answer the reflection questions below. Questions:What is your initial reaction upon reading the article? What made you choose this article? What information was most surprising? Were you previously aware of this problem?What do you believe to be a reasonable solution to this problem? Or, if a solution was already implemented, do you believe it to be appropriate? Why or why not?What variables would you need to measure to ascertain the scope and magnitude of the problem and evaluate if your solution was impactful.Has your opinion about this particular company changed? Why or why not?Students are expected to use professional tone/language, as well as proper spelling, grammar, and mechanics. The paper should be saved as a Microsoft Word document or a pdf. It should be 1-2 pages (excluding reference list), double-spaced, 1” margins, and a legible font. All major assertions must be supported with citations in APA format and an APA-formatted reference list should accompany the assignment. Submit your completed work as an attachment to this Dropbox in Blackboard and include your last name in the name of your file.