Module 13 Dropbox: Code of Ethics

This assignment has two parts. Read both the chapter in the textbook and the above article on Codes of Ethics. 1) List five points that are mentioned in both documents, the chapter and the article. 2). Choose two of these that you consider to be very important to an ethical company and say why. For the article, use the file above.
Summary (400 words minimum total for essay – include word count) Paragraph 1 – This can be a list or bullets. Be sure to use full sentences, not just a word or two. Say what the concept is in a way the reader will understand. Paragraph 2 – List again two principles you think are important to an ethical work place. If you have a personal experience, or a story you have heard, use it to describe the principle. Tell why you think this principle is important. Use your own words. Do not use quotations. Paraphrase the information, and provide in-text citation(s) with page number(s), where appropriate. In the Works Cited, be sure to include the Code of Ethics, properly formatted including its title, date of publication, and link.