Module 6: Policy and Politics in Government Textbook/Manuals: Mason, D. J., Dickson,

Module 6: Policy and Politics in Government
Mason, D. J., Dickson, E., McLemore, M.R., and Perez, G.A. (Eds.). (2020). Policy and politics in nursing and health care (8thed.) Elsevier.
Module Objectives:
Identify how government works in relationship to policy and health care. (SLO2, SLO3)
Discuss the legislative, judicial, and regulatory processes. (SLO3) 
Explain what is lobbying and how it effects policy. (SLO4) 
Read the following chapters:
Required Textbook Readings
Mason et al. – Chap 38: How Government Works: what You Need to Know (MO 1,2,3)
Mason et al. – Chap 39: An Overview of Legislative and Regulatory Processes (MO 2)
Mason et al. – Chap 40: Lobbying Policymakers; Individual and Collective Strategies  MO 3)
Mason et al. – Chap 42: Taking Action; Reflective Musing From a Nurse Politician (MO 3)
Mason et al. – Chap 45: Nursing and the Courts (MO 2)
 Videos Explaining the Congressional Process  (MO 1,2) Optional supportive viewing: set of short videos explaining congressional process  (MO 1,2) Then click on representatives name to be brought to their website (lists committees, work on bills, etc)  (MO 1,2) Upper right hand corner select the state. Then click on website URL of senator – contact page will open, see upper right hand corner to click to home page
HR 1587: Preservation of Antibiotic for Medical Treatment Act 2017  (MO 2) 
S.445 – Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2017h  (MO 1,2)
Congress.GOV (MO 1,2) Government search engine for congressional bills (can search for current bills only or all bills)
Module 6 Directed Response Discussion Forum
Using the ‘Resources to explore bills and legislative process related to specific bills’ (see assigned reading), please choose a health related bill, give the full name and HR or S number, aim of the bill and state whether, as a nurse, you support or oppose this bill (you do not need to give a rationale for this choice in this forum). You may choose one of the bills listed or you may use the given search engine to find another bill. You may choose a bill that has already become law, failed to become law, or a bill in the legislature currently (please make the current status of the bill clear in your writing) (one sentence). 
Then discuss one point in the legislature process where you feel that political action could be focused to either support or defeat this bill. Please be specific to the bill, the process for this bill and to the legislators and committees most relevant to the bill. What action would you recommend nurses take relevant to the legislative process for this bill? You may choose a point of action that has already passed or that you anticipate will occur (but should make clear this stands in time). (One paragraph).
Who are your representatives in the House of Representatives and Senate? Describe any involvement or potential involvement in this bill (for example: are they a sponsor, do they sit on any relevant committees?). (One paragraph).
Please discuss actual or potential involvement of the executive branch (including regulatory) or judicial branch with this bill. What challenges may confront this bill, if passed, as it moves into implementation and is translated into regulation? Could you imagine that there would be any judicial challenges to this bill, if passes – please discuss. (One paragraph).
Must cite the resources outlined in #1. Also incorporate evidence from at least three evidence-base sources outside of the textbook into your discussion. Cite appropriately.
MUST be supported with THREE references from recent journals (less than 5 years).